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About Us

About Us

Our Firm dates back from the merger in the year 1988 of two old and prestigious firms, that with a different profile, provided an efficient and personalized service: "Escribanía Schickendantz" (Schickendantz Notarial Office), specially dedicated to notarial acts for more than 80 years, and "Estudio del Dr. Horacio S. González Mullin" (Horacio S. González Mullin Law Firm) specialized in providing advice to companies and in the litigation area for more than 50 years.

From such merger, “González Mullin, Schickendantz & Asociados” firm emerged, which over the last few years operated under such denomination and under the leadership of Dr. Horacio González Mullin and Notary Public Irene Kasprzyk, nowadays being called "González Mullin, Kasprzyk & Asociados".

Professional practice includes all branches of Law in the public and private field, and specially, the civil, commercial, labour and tax areas, focusing on the advice and defense of national and foreign companies.

Besides, we are one of the main Law firms in Uruguay and South America specialized in Sports Law, being world-renowned in the area of Sports Law.

At present, we have a staff of professionals highly qualified and recognized in our professional environment who, within a framework of efficiency and efficacy, apply modern and creative approaches aimed at the achievement of goals, through a global and personalized attention of clients.

We are characterized for offering to all our clients an equal treatment, but with a specialfocus on the personalized treatment by the professionals of our Firm, attempting to obtain better results in less time, being characterized by quality and specialization in our work, as well as by efficacy that supports our prestige and history at national and international level.